Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parachuting Supermen

Azrak Hamway Superman
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My pal Steve from CollectingSuperman.com sent in this cool retrospective of Azrak Hamway Parachuting Superman figures.

The one on the left is the last version (around '79) while the one in the middle is first. The one on the  right is most definitely an after market knock off, as DC and Marvel don't cotton to the mingling of their characters. Nothing "official" about that.

You may ask yourself, what does superman need of a parachute? I think the bigger question is, when did he get the bright red gloves? Ah, the days of "loosey goosey" licensing....

Azrak Hamway Superman

If you dig the man of steel then you should fly over the Steve's new site Collecting Superman. He's got neat stuff!

1 comment:

MaGnUs said...

Stupid idea, Superman with a parachute. Then again. I've seen Spider-Man kists consisting of a Spider-Man mask, a small (plastic) fireman's axe, and (plastic) handcuffs...


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