Friday, February 10, 2012

Trading Card #38: Venus Space Probe

Plaid Stallions Trading Card #38 is dedicated to the Venus Space Probe toy by Kenner.

As indicated by this piece last week, I have something of a history with this particular episode of the series and combine that with the fact that this toy makes me weak in knees when I see it and you have a no brainer.

As much as I like it, I doubt I will ever own one. It always goes for more than I am willing to pay and it's huge, space is a premium in my secret bunker...


Tex said...

The Venus Probe is yet another one that Katrina got, Cromdammit.

And, yes, it's almost as awesome as the three-foot Eagle 1 from Kenner.

(if I ever find another, Bubba, it's yours--I had my fun with mine)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the press release for the new re-do of the Six Million Dollar Man? It is a mego-style by Bif-Bang-Pow. Just a picture, I hope the it has some of the bionics to it and not just a standard mego body.


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