Friday, February 17, 2012

Mini Monsters Mystery Solved

Tomland Monsters

For years, these PVC figures I dubbed "The Mini Monsters" by Tomland, had been the source of intrigue to collectors. They'd ask questions like

What does the packaging look like?

How many in the series?

These would all be answered in one fell swoop when a salesman sample appeared on ebay, I was not the lucky winner but fortunately for us, I knew him and he's the sharing type. More after the jump.

Thanks to Andrew AKA "PoseableMonster" on Flickr, we have shots of that rare sample. The one thing that perplexed me during the auction was "Who was the character supposed to be?" The auction shots were small and not specific, I assumed it was some sort of alien. Was I ever wrong.

Tomland Monsters

It's a Spider-Man knock off, this makes Superheroes the umpteenth genre Tomland toys knocked off to make a buck. The card art is not at all what I expected, I guess the official title of the line is simply "Monsters of Legend".

Tomland Monsters

For me, this is the most interesting point, finally an exact idea of what they made, the official roll call is:

Phantom of the Opera
AH (From Star Raiders)
Yick (Also from Star Raiders)
Spider-Man KO

8 of the characters have an 8" counterpart, does that mean that there is an undiscovered third wave of glow Famous Monsters of Legend figures that contains Spiderdude, Skeleton, Phantom and Hunchback? One can only hope....

Tomland Galleries on Plaid Stallions:



Anonymous said...

Monster on the far right looks like Dwight Schrute from "The Office"!

jimm said...

Yep, a little basic photoshop and you have a little Spidey, looks like they did just enough to get past Marvel, not that it would work nowadays


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