Friday, February 03, 2012

Mattel's The Archies

Click the link to see a larger picture

After Marx introduced a series of Archie Action figures in 1975, Mattel took a kick at it in 1978 with these been bag versions that used the same construction as their then popular 'Honey Hill Bunch" line of toys.

I have to say that the Mattel sculpts are much nicer than the Marx ones which looked a little creepy.

Betty, stalwart of the line was actually dropped in favour of Sabrina the teenaged witch who did have a popular series in the 70s.


Richard said...

Just going by the photos, I prefer the Marx faces -- they look like the characters! The Mattel faces seem more generic.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Those are cool! Now I want to find one of the Sabrina ones, because she's my namesake (or I'm hers? Something like that LOL).

Lori Staley said...

I have the 4 dolls and car, still have original box for car. wonder the value of them?

Lori Staley said...

I have the 4 dolls and car, original box.
wondering what the value is.


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