Monday, February 06, 2012

New Site: Collecting

I'm elated to finally announce the launch of , a new website that describes itself as the following:

"’s mission is the celebration of candy packaging, candy marketing, and the people behind it all.

Visitors should expect the site to be composed of short daily blog entries, while regularly offering in-depth looks into specific brands and categories through longer features. Expect to see images of packaging and learn details of candy history you won’t find anywhere else.

When possible, also hopes to shine an entertaining and positive light on the unknown stories and colorful personalities behind some of candy’s well-known brands and forgotten favorites."

I'm excited about this site mostly because it made me realize a) how much candy factored into my childhood and b)how much i had forgotten. Be sure to check out the opening essay on Big League Chew.

The site's creator Jason Liebig would be better known to a lot of PS readers as one of the brains behind wishbookweb.comI'm looking forward to losing hours of productivity as get reaquainted with some old friends...

So welcome to teh interwebs collecting candy, we're better off for knowing you!

1 comment:

Tex said...

Yet another site to take me back to better days.

Thanks for the link, Boss!

(remembering his first taste of Big League Chew from the Pack-A-Sask)


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