Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video World of Sports

An open message to all children of the 1990s, this is what we had and we liked it dammit! Sure, Super Mario was cool but did his console have a wood grain finish? I didn't think so...


Arkonbey said...

I still think Pong can be fun!

My dad built ours with a Heathkit kit. We played it on the Heathkit TV he built, too.

Bip. Boop-bip.

John III said...

I am old enough to remember these, but never had one. The first gaming system I had was a Commodore 64. Color baby! Color!

Alphacentaurian said...

VIC 20 was my first system :)
The strange this is, I don't remember any of these things (Pong machines that is) at yard sales in later years.
Love the wood-grain finish. That'd be a great case-mod for a computer! :P


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