Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Return of the Butterfly Shirt

I blogged about this yellow attrocity three years ago and was surprised that it wasn't a mistake, it really was being sold as a man's t shirt! Granted it looks a little less ridiculous on this guy than it did on the rugged individual previously but it's still in no way flattering. I can only imagine the look of horror on men's faces across the country tearing open a present containing this, knowing they'd have to be seen in public with it on at least once in their lifetime.


Sharon Day said...

He has tees with daisies, hearts, teddy bears and kittens, but he really thought this one said "I am all man."

plasticfetish said...

I'd wear that shirt... and I think it would look awesome with the beer gut that I've been developing over the last year.

John III said...

Especially if you push your pecs together and make the wings flap?

rob! said...

I was distracted by his very long neck. What butterfly shirt?

Anonymous said...

Hi this is TR.

Yeah, what was he thinking? I'm a tough-as-nails, John Wayne guy in a denim jacket, but I'm also a butterfly wearing, peace loving, hippie, early '70s sensitive man? I don't know about butterfly guy.
Oh, by the way, PlaidsStaillion, I read the explanation of what a plaid stallion is. [The explanation talks about green fridges].

My Mom had an Avocado Green fridge in the 1990s. Its probably alive + well and living in some New Jersey kitchen today. :)
Have a Good Day, TR.

Anonymous said...

wearing a pink t-shirt is worst

a butterfly, its not a big deal.

dumb haters

GiGi said...

lady: please someone help me. That s my shirt he won't return it


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