Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She's Got No Water Captain!

The above Enterprise water pistol pretty much epitomizes why I love rack toys in the first place. The first thing is it's fragility, there was no way these things should have survived a trip to the car let alone being kept mint in package for 35 years. The other is, well, look at this thing, it's a strange combination of goofy and awesome. I don't know whether to laugh or be in awe of it.



Anonymous said...

DOES that price tag read 87 cents?

If nothing else, that is the most bizarre price ever.


JFStan said...

This one is among my favorites as well, because it's not just another generic toy with a sticker slapped on it. They actually designed it based on the license, making it unique among rack toys.

Monsterforge said...

Is it crazy that the first thing my eyes went to was the price tag? I think that says a LOT about how much of a cheapskate I am!

@JFStan: Yeah, man! I was kinda shocked to see a dedicated sculpt on this kind of toy... major kudos to whatever company made it!

John III said...

That is just TOO COOL! I like!


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