Monday, June 28, 2010

Shag Your Toilet

Oh Bathroom Carpet, you never fail to send shivers down my soul..


Alphacentaurian said...

I ask again: Who in Hades thought this would be a good idea? Carpeting in bathrooms?!

Carpets have built-in cushion of polyurethane foam

Great. It'll rot and adhere to the floor years later.

Artfulife said...

I worked for an interior designer and always gagged just a little when we came into homes with carpet in the bathrooms. Nothing grosser.

John III said...

Because of course the carpets are saturated with dead skin, urine, and God knows what else.... That is just so gross.

GiGi said...

That's not shivers ya feeling. It's the beginnings of athlete's foot

Anonymous said...

And those wonderful seat covers never went up straight, ensuring that it would drop like a guillotine while you were mid-stream, leaving a nice racing stripe of piss down the middle of it. Oh, the late night memories of that one!

Eric Scales said...

My grandmother had carpet in both bathrooms and I have to say I liked it. But I was young and totally unaware of any sanitary issues it might have. All I knew was that it was unique and distinctly "Grandma's house".


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