Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nerdy DVD Day!

While I don't regularly talk about DVDs here, there are just some things I cannot ignore and today there are three of them.

Firstly, the good folks at Cinematic Titanic (who used to be the good folks at Mystery Science Theatre 3000) have a new release in the form of "Danger On Tiki Island".

Not only are the CT Live DVDs absolutely hilarious but the film itself is one of those Eddie Romero "Blood Island" movies retitled. I really enjoy those movies on their own, getting them riffed is like getting free french fries in your onion rings.

You can be environmentally friendly and download the whole affair for $9.99, it's well worth it.

I really have to mention the "Sleazy Sci Fi of the 1970s" compliation DVD available today as well.

Not only does th set include "2069: A Sex Oddysey" (the infamous movie I got busted with as a young lad) but also the camp classic "Invasion of the Bee Girls" .

There is a third film included that I have not seen. It's too bad this set didn't include the (terrible) British sexy sci fi romp "Spaced Out" as it would truly be a trifecta of my puberty movie watching.

Finally, the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon is out on Blue Ray today. I don't own a player but if there was ever a film to watch in high definition, I'd imagine this would be the one.

The thing is such an explosion of colour and sound, it makes perfect sense. Plus, the bigger and louder the Brian Blessed, the better I say.


Liz said...

Um, the folks behind Cinematic Titanic are only half of the guys behind MST3K, mainly Joe, Trace and Frank. The rest of the guys are now doing Rifftrax, Just saying.

Arkonbey said...

Oooo. Flash Gordon ages well because of its timeless cheesiness/awesomeness. Rather like "Big Trouble in Little China"

@Liz: I've watched both and I preferred CT to RT. I also preferred Joel to Mike in the MST3K host role, so I may have brought carry-over prejudice. Either way, neither is as good as MST3k.

Plaidstallions said...

I got nothing against Rifftrax, I was always a Mike kind of guy, I find both concepts really terrific.


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