Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spidey in the Great White North

Mike sent in this neat picture of him and his sister at a Windsor Ontario mall circa 1974, why is Mike a little freaked out looking in the picture. Mike tells me the other costumed character making an appearance was MAN THING! I'd love to see photos of that although it's not exactly the ideal character for children to see at Woolco. What's also interesting (to me at least) is this another appearance of the "Medallion Spider-Man" that my pal T.J. met at the CNE and is likely the one I saw as a kid as well. What's up with the bling Spidey?


JFStan said...

This is actually one of the better looking Spideys from the past! Very cool.

John III said...

Spidey with chains. How 70's....


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