Friday, April 30, 2010

Nasta Toys for 1980

We have a new company listing into the Gallery of Racktoys today with the addition of NASTA

Like a lot of it's counterparts in the late 1970/early 1980s, Nasta was rack toy manufacturer creating products based on the DC and Marvel Superheroes brands, Barbie and Hanna Barberra characters.

What sets them apart are their products, for the most part Nasta sold oddball items like Sunglasses, Sandals and Ice Pop makers. Some very non traditional licensed items that will put a smile on your face.

Visit the 1980 Nasta Toys Catalog for More

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Sharon Day said...

I remember those popsicle maker things. Jeez, I wasted a lot of good Kool-Aid in those--they just made them all slimy on the outside. Ick.

JFStan said...

Spider-man sunglasses = Cool

Hulk sunglasses = wtf!?

And why don't the Superman glasses look like Clark Kent's glasses? A missed opportunity for sure!

Anonymous said...

There is one item you didn't show here (And I'm quite sure that this was the same company) and that was a Barbie calculator. Pretty chunky, but hey, it's Barbie. :)

Lady Jaye said...

I guess this is the same company that made the Scooby-Doo playing cards that my uncle had back in those days.


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