Friday, April 23, 2010

GI Joe Adventure Team Newsletter

Hasbro was pretty adept at marketing the G.I. Joe line to kids as evidenced by this 1974 newsletter sent to members of "The Adventure Team". For a $1.50 you got all kinds of cool swag plus this newsletter, which was filled with stories and a pile of material lifted from the Hasbro catalog.
Seeing this stuff blows my mind and makes me wish I wasn't so darn lazy as a child. This newsletter (complete with letter from Commander Mike Triumph) is a wonderful window into a time when Kung Fu Grip was king...

Click Here to see the 1974 GI Joe Adventure Team Newsletter

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Sharon Day said...

Okay, I totally admit it--I thought Ken doll was gay. I used to sneak my brother's GI Joe's and make them date my Barbie. I still like the masculine types. What can I say? He set a standard--just look at him!

Anonymous said...

The box art is great. They remind me of the paintings in "The Life Aquatic".

JFStan said...


"I've got a tough assignment for you!"

REX said...

That Joe on the T-Bar at the training center looks like he's pointing at the unfortunate Joe below and laughing "Ha-Ha! Getting attacked by the venomous serpent!"


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