Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trading Card # 30: Kenner Alien

This card comes with a little bit of a story, I got lobbied to do it by someone over at the Megomuseum forums (thanks James). He even went out of way by mocking up what he thought the card should look like. This is important because and this might come as a shock but I'm not really a fan of Alien.

I've worked years at Convention dealer rooms with people who absolutely adore the thing, my wife owns all the films but the appeal of it all escapes me, I'm weird I guess. That said, James was totally right, this is an iconic toy of our childhood and absolutely deserved to get it's own trading card.


Sharon Day said...

Ah, a simpler time, huh? Look at the orgasmic look on his face to have a plastic alien doll--even a new WII game station wouldn't get that expression at Xmas-time anymore. In fact, given the face he's making, I want one of those toys!

JFStan said...

I did love my Kenner Alien.. Sadly I sold it to a local comic shop in the late 80's.

John III said...

I wasn't into Alien either. Why should I have been? I was a kid and it was a science fiction HORROR movie! Now when I was older and Aliens came out, I was a huge fan. Unfortunately that was the last good movie in the franchise.

rob! said...

I got my Alien card in the mail today...very cool!!


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