Friday, February 12, 2010

The PlaidStallions Dress Alike Love Spectacular

With Valentines day around the corner, it was high time we here at Plaidstallions paid tribute to the single greatest act of love possible, wearing a matching outfit with your partner. This wonderful act says to your partner, "no matter how girly, no matter how many teens openly mock me, the whole world will know by looking at us, that we probably came in the same car".

Gentlemen, surprise your spouses this year by wearing matching blouses, it's a reward unto itself. Here are some couples whose love knows no shame:


Wings1295 said...

Gonna click over in a sec, but first I wanted to let you know you have been given an award:
Once again to the podium... Congrats!

Margaret Benbow said...

Disco people! Once many years ago lived next door to a couple who used to swagger out to the disco wearing matching white satin jumpsuits, puffy-sleeved shiny pink shirts and white patent platform shoes...Tony Manero would have stared in astonishment if not envy!


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