Friday, February 05, 2010

Matchbox Fighting Furies Gallery

In 1974, Matchbox toys ventured into the action figure market with the Fighting Furies, a series of well made Pirate action figures that had piles of adventures to choose from. Fighting Furies is often forgotten when discussing 70s brands and that's a shame because it's really high quality stuff.
Thanks to the generosity of Lou Melograna ( and Bill Frost, Plaidstallions now hosts one of the most comprehensive Matchbox Fighting Furies Galleries on the web:

In addtion to having the 1974 Matchbox Fighting Furies Catalog, we also have galleries devoted to the packaged figures and outfits:

Boxed Figure Gallery including the neat Ghost of Captain Kidd figure

Outfit Gallery

Did you know there was a second series of Fighting Furies Cowboy figures? No, that's because only European kids got them!

Ad Archive featuring Mason Reese plus rare foreign ads, store displays and even shots from Toyfair 1974!
Other Figure Galleries:



Oh that's awesome. I had those fighting furies. I even had their pirate ship.

Those were the days.

Arkonbey said...

Fighting furies were the BOMB!

My mom went nuts one year. Got me Capt. Pegleg (his leg could either be a boot or a peg, how awesome!), the Hooded Falcon Adventure (loved that super-long flintlock) and the Kung-Fu Warrior Adventure(which should have been Samurai Adventure for the fairly accurate Japanese armor).

Man. More awesome to me than my Big Jim or my ST:TOS figs. I wondered what they were actually called for years.You've again triggered lots of memories.

Retro Hound said...

HOLY COW! I had completely forgotten about these guys! I always wanted them but never got any. Too cool. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I have cap'n hook cap'n peg leg and ghost of cap'n kidd all mint boxed... I would love the set of three western figures boxed too


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