Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toy Questions Part 2: Super Joe

Another recurring contributor to my mail bag is Super Joe, I get email from folks from time to time that say:

"I had this 8 inch tall Micronaut, he lit up, who was he?"- His name is Luminous and he's part of Hasbro's short lived GI Joe revamp called Super Joe. Luminous is clear like a Micronaut so the confusion is genuine.

"I remember this big Lizard that walked but if you hit him with a flash light, he stopped"- That's Terron, the big "get" for 1978 that many attribute to ruining the Super Joe line.

I think the big problem with Super Joe is he just didn't have the name recognition, kids didn't get that this was GI Joe and without some sort of tie in (ie TV show or comic book) he just became somewhat swept under the carpet next the Superfriends and Star Wars.

It's a bit of shame because Super Joe has some neat ideas, look for more on him at the site in the coming months.

DVD Alert!The Comedy goldmine known as Cinematic Titanic has released another live DVD, their last live DVD (East meets Watts) was the best I had seen by the former MST 3K gang.

Add to this that their latest victim, Alien Factor, is actually a pretty fun and creative film in it's own right. What happens when a space ship full of alien convicts crashlands in Baltimore.

You can see the first five minutes here and what's even cooler you can download the whole movie at their store for $10.00. If you're a fan, please support quality comedy and laugh your ass off.


Anonymous said...

I liked Terron. Although he broke rather quickly.

DonsSword said...

Super Joe was really quite badass with his 1-2 punch, kung-fu grip, and light up chest accessory--I fondly remember getting the Bearded commander for Easter. There was also a caveman-like nemesis figure who looked like a neanderthal with armor--you pressed the button on his back and his arms opened and closed so he could grab your Joe. He came in a dark bearded with gold armored style, and a redheaded silver armored one--both used the same exact molds for body, head, and armor, and the beard was painted on the face, with no special mold. Their body and limbs were hollow.

The regular line of Super Joes had the worst joints--they were held together with rubber--each limb ended with a hole, and rubber inserts connected each limb to the other to provide the articulation--the rubber giving pressure to hold the pose. If u pick one of them up today, the joints are completely dry rotted. The same type of joint connection was used in parts of the 12" Bulletman Joe figure.

John III said...

I believe Joe's caveman like nemesis was called "The Intruder"

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah but he wasn't part of the Super Joe line although I bet he was still on shelves in 1977.


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