Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toy Questions Part 1: Flying Aces

I've decided to allocate some time to the recurring trend of email I get on the site, other than the constant one of "How much for the Stretch Armstrong?" (For the record, I don't even own one myself) most people write me for the name of a toy and I'm noticing a recurring trend with certain toys, so during the month of February, I'll try to cover the majority of them.

So to answer the recurring email of "I had this aircraft carrier that fired soft foam planes" what you had as a kid was Mattel's Flying Aces (pictured above). There was more than one set in this series and all good toy geeks know it was also revamped for Battlestar Galactica.

Flying Aces by all accounts looks like a super fun toy but I've been told by 70s kids everywhere that the planes were easily made less than aerodynamic through regular play. Now that you know the name, please run, don't walk to ebay...


Arkonbey said...


THAT's what they were called! I never had the carrier, but had a F-4u Corsair and the bicentenial Thunderbirds T-38

You've now revealed the names three forgotten toys of my past: Fighting Furies, MAC and these.


JFStan said...

Flying Aces rocked! You could bend the wings slightly and make them perform maneuvers. I had the hand launcher that launched 3 at once (or individually if you squeezed the trigger slowly).

chunky B said...

I had that set pictured with the two F-4u Corsairs, I remember it being pretty awesome and the planes launched pretty far.

Anonymous said...

Had one of those also. One of my favorite toys.


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