Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Peter Pan Records are great Toys!

This 1978 Toy Fair ad for Peter Pan (Power) Records, tells us what we already knew as kids, in that they were awesome but it also gives us a look at some of the store displays used to market them:
Man, that display doesn't miss anything, Star Trek, Superman even Planet of the Apes! I wish this shot was in color.

Growing I don't ever remember a display this large for these things, it just didn't happen. Mostly I remember seeing book and record sets by the cash registers. If I seen something like this as a child, I imagine it'd set off some sort of alarms in my head.


Jon K said...

Well, I don't recall seeing that specific display, but I do have fond memories from my childhood in the early to mid 1970s of seeing displays of all those wonderful records, and the promises of entertainment they made... and kept, in the cases of the all-too-few records my family purchased and listened to over and over again.

It's sad that there will never be an authorized re-release of these on CD, perhaps in boxed sets. I know a few of them have been sporadically re-released, but not nearly enough of them!

rob! said...

This ad makes my mouth water. Is that weird?

Arkonbey said...

I had an Emergency! and a Star Trek album among others. I gave them to a DJ I worked with back in '00 and he never used them for anything. How could you NOT spin those?

I regret it now.

@Jon K. Are the rights expired? Could someone do a garage release, do you think?

Jon K said...

Arkonbey: It's possible the rights expired for the non-licensed records... but the licensed stuff... the super heroes, TV shows, and cartoons... that's another matter entirely, I'd imagine. While the recordings themselves may not have current copyrights, the characters would. It's not like those are old enough that they would be entirely public domain.


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