Friday, December 11, 2009

Gordy Toys wants you to play with "Hulk Putty"

Another player in the world of Rack Toys was Henry Gordy International, who specialized in somewhat generic impulse items with licensed appearance. Among their staples is my new favourite thing mostly because I'm immature:

The "Ball Blaster" would indeed be an effective crime deterrent even Lex Luthor himself would think twice.

The primary licenses used here are Spider-Man and Hulk (that TV Series paid off) but the DC staples of Batman and Superman are along for the ride as well.

Gordy was also one of the few companies to license merchandise based on "Battle of the Planets" back in the day.

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rob! said...

The Superman Ball-Buster is also known as The Lois Lane.

Thank you, I'm outta here!!

John III said...

I had a Superman and Batman ball blaster. Good times!

Unknown said...

wouldn't they be superballs... yikes!
good call "rob!" i am still laughing...

Alphacentaurian said...

Cap Blaster Bombs! I remember owning many of the generic ones of those. Many hours of misused fun!

Also, I want that Yogi Bear license plate for my car. I remember sticking a Dukes of Hazzard sticker (from the trading card set) onto the front bumper of my dad's 78 Electra.

Finally: I can just imagine Mel Blanc saying: "I've got PUTTY inside!"


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