Thursday, December 17, 2009

Triple Shot of Star Trek Model KIts

This amazing three pack of Star Trek model kits featuring The Enterprise (no clue as to why it's silver), Shuttle Galeilo (A kit I ruined twice, thank you) and the incredibly awesome Mr Spock kit was only $8 back in 1974.
I'm buying my son the Spock reissue this Christmas, I imagine it'll cost me $30 easy.

Click here to check out the 1975 AMT Catalog


derek tait said...

I had all of these Star Trek models when I was a kid. The Enterprise hung from my bedroom ceiling. I wonder what happened to them all? Probably ended up in the bin sometime in the late 70s!

chunky B said...

I've never seen that stand before on the Enterprise kit, interesting...

Also just received my Spock re issue in the mail last week, yet to build it, but man I can't wait. I picked mine up here, slightly cheaper than ordering direct from the manufacturer.

Still waiting on my Mystery UFO ship.

FilmFather said...

Totally had (and loved) that Spock-vs-creature model. For some reason, I had an obsession with three-headed monsters as a kid...that model and Ghidrah from the Godzilla movies were faves of mine.

Ian Sokoliwski said...

Okay, I think that that is the model of the Enterprise that was on the desk of some TV executive in an episode of 'The Duck Factory'. Anybody remember that Jim Carrey show?

Doug said...
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