Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glamour Dressing for Memorable Holidays

Memorable in the context of "Remember when mom got dressed up like a gigantic red ornament and drank an entire box of wine?"

Speaking of the Holidays we have the first reader submission to the "Christmas in the 1970s" contest we're running all December. Derek from the UK has sent us in a vintage picture from 1970 of a boy, Christmas and a Space Hopper, dig it!

Send us your vintage Christmas pics! You could win a prize or be involved in our upcoming book "Christmas in the 1970s"!


Arkonbey said...

What is that skirt made out of, plastic?

John III said...

I like how the red one looks like a jack o lantern on her chest. Two eyes and a blowhole....

I clicked on the "dig it" link and didn't see anything new for the Christmas in the 70's blog. I also don't see my three submissions yet? Just wondering.

Unknown said...

hey, i did an exclusive interview with "Howlin’ Wolf Records" about their upcoming score release "SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT" [1974]... please come check it out, i told them i would tell all my blog friends to take a look...

thanks friends and happy holidays!
jeremy [2vs8]


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