Monday, August 03, 2009

Tomy Mighty Max

Here is another one of those toys like Electroman or Matchbox MAC that people fondly remember everything but it's name. Mighty Max was a robot concept toy by Tomy that strongly resembled a Mego Micronaut. So much so that the first time I ever saw one, that's what I assumed it was.

At 14" tall, he towers over everything but the Shogun Warriors and was likely a lot of fun to have in the era of all things "droid".


chunky B said...

I remember this guy and you are right the name would have escaped me. I thought he was Micronaut when he came out as well, LOL.

Unknown said...

Not as much fun as you'd think. It was sort of a one-trick pony, and without a larger world of other stuff to interact with, kind of limited since it was so big it couldn't really be incorporated into play with the other big toys of the time.

Anonymous said...

My father found this toy after renovating his house about 3 months ago . Gave it to my son . Max is now living happierly as a bad giant robot for super heroes to beat up


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