Friday, August 28, 2009

1981 Azrak Hamway Catalog

The beginning of the end for the Rack Toy giant, while the company would continue and prosper for the rest of the decade, it would also eventually fold it's toy division completely under the Remco Name.

The 1981 AHI catalog almost looks like a lower cost copy of the 1981 Remco offerings, all the licenses Crayola, Superheroes and Mickey Mouse are present. Even the Universal Monsters were back with some new offerings (no action figures as Remco was offering those).
Many thanks to Mike Jimenez for these great scans, click on any of thumbnails to check out the 1981 AHI Toy Catalog:

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Wings1295 said...

Wow... Now that is a window to my childhood! Thanks for the scans man!

John III said...

I remember the Batmobile and Spider car and loving them!

narvolicious said...

Man! I had the batman speedboat and the car/boat combo! Thanks for sharing, totally brought back memories.


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