Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nerfman Trading Card

nerf man
Trading Card #25 is Nerfman by Parker Brothers, he's kind of forgotten now but this guy ruled, so I really wanted to honour him a bit. As an added nostalgic bonus, Nerfman is from the first toy dealer catalog I ever found because it came from my dad.

Time for another great link in the world wide web and today's is pretty fantastic. Toy creator Mel Birnkrant has created a site giving you an inside look at the Maxx Fx toy line. I've blogged about Maxx here before, the concept was a doll of a special effects artist who could become movie monsters through the help of costumes. The whole thing imploded according to Birnkrant due to Matchbox's bright idea of making a stuffed Freddy Kruger doll for kids.

The Life and Death of Maxx Fx is an amazing resource and provides insight that you will wish all toy lines had websites this good.


Arkonbey said...

I like NerfMan's logo. It's the happiest mushroom cloud ever.

chunky B said...

Nerf-Man is indeed awesome!


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