Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lee Majors checks out Kenner's Six Million Dollar Man

The title of this post could have easily been "Lee Majors plays with himself" but I had a rare bout of restraint. Also in this picture is Kenner President Bernard Loomis, the man who made the decision to make Star Wars figures 3 3/4" and very responsible for changing the action figure landscape.

Bionic Favourites:

1976 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog 1977 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog 1978 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog


Dancin' Homer said...

It was very helpful that the writer made sure to point out that the president of Kenner is the guy on the Left, so we wouldn't be confused.
Also love the extensive vocabulary: two young fans, who are fans, and are sure to be fans . . . dude, buy a thesaurus!

Wings1295 said...

Great find! But you SO should have gone with your original headline! :)

Vincent Cain said...

I agree; definitely should have gone with the original headline; at least it wasn't the Yeti toy; "Lee Majors Plays With His Yeti" XD

Arkonbey said...

Now I'm reminded of that bit in Babylon 5 where Londo brandishes an action figure of himself to Capt. Shreridan, "Can we talk?"

John III said...

A yes, Londo playing with his "Londo".


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