Thursday, August 13, 2009

Space:1999 Trading Card

Trading Card #26 is Palitoy Space:1999, I did this card for the 2009 Megomeet convention back in June because timing didn't allow a Megomuseum card for the event (as the card quality shows, it takes me a lot less time to do these).

This UK exclusive toyline kind of changed my life, in that it made me a bat sh*t crazy toy collector. I was just some regular old science fiction fan until one day in 1985, I found a Captain Zantor doll and thought "I wonder what other toys Mego made?"

I don't have a Palitoy Space:1999 page on the site, that's because there is aready a great one here.

I have one more Mego toyline that I plan to put into the trading cards sometime later this year, stay tuned.

1 comment:

mistyhop said...

I loved Space 1999. This card is brilliant. I can still hear the theme song. Wakachika wakachika...


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