Sunday, June 14, 2009

Potpourri of Coolness

Just a few random things I've forgotten to show off before hand. Firstly, I am elated to announce the DVD release of the Monster Squad television series this June 23rd. Not to be confused with the 1980s movie of the same name, this Monster Squad was a Saturday morning show reminscent of the Adam West Batman series. I can't be alone in my admiration for this series can I?

While many of us remember Mall Appearances through our child sized eyes, Stephen remembers them through his Spidey Mask. Heroes in my Closet is a fun blog recollecting the experiences of a man who played Spiderman for almost a decade.

And rounding out the Monster theme started is this rare commercial for the Maxx Fx line (from Max's creator Mel Birnkrant) even though it's an 80s toy, I've always been disappointed that Matchbox foolishly chose to launch the line with Freddy Kruger, thus dooming it. Try to ignore the 80s white guy rap and just take a look at the toys, we wuz robbed! For more Maxx check out our gallery:


Steve said...

That Maxx FX commercial was heartbreaking. Look at all the cool stuff they could have done!

JFStan said...

I loved Monster Squad! I remember an episode where they were trapped in a glass box, and Frankie stepped on Drac's foot to make him scream a high note to shatter the glass. Geez, how do I remember that??

John III said...

I'm thinking maybe there was no way in hell that MOST parents were going to buy those Maxx FX toys for their children. Those were some creepy dudes. "Oh how cute! Slashing mass murderers. Would you like one or two honeybun?" "Can I mommy? I can use them on the cat!" Serial killer in the making......

I stuck to my Star Wars and G.I. Joe thank you very much.

Monsterforge said...

Back in the late 80's a bunch of Big Lots stores got those surplus Maxx FX Freddy figures. I think they were going for about 15 bucks. Grrrrrr... Hindsight, I hate thee!!!


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