Sunday, June 07, 2009

TV Comics: Logan's Run

I haven't done an installment of TV comics in over a year so I might as well do one of my favourites, Logan's Run. This is again from the amazing British weekly called "Look In" that I wished we had as kids. Logan's Run got a Marvel comic in the US but it was based on the movie and I'm more of a fan of the shortlived 1978 TV Series starring Gregory "Gonzo from Trapper John" Harrison.

The art is really nice and they've captured the look of the series, like a lot of these TV comics, most of the likeness shots are just direct swipes from promotional stills. You never get a good look at the characters in action scenes. I guess Look In never got a shot of the hover car that Logan, REM and Jessica drove because these comics always show them in the Sandman vehicle [/nerd]

One of these days I'm going to buy every issue of these and compile them into a gallery, mostly because I just want to read it....


Fabien MORISSET said...

thx, I bought the dvd from the movie version a couple days ago in a new edition which has just come out here in France.

It reminds me of so many child's memories. And so does your blog which is just SO great.

I Hope to reading your new posts soon

Metal Mark said...

I love the movie and have some of those comics. I never saw the TV show. Just remember seeing a few articles on it in Starlog.

houseofduck said...

Funny, I just watched a couple of the episodes of the TV show last night before I went to sleep.

What Timing.

Jason's Psyche said...

Bluewater Comics is putting out a new comic based on the Logan's Run novel.

Anonymous said...

The TV show was never as good as the movie

Tim F said...




Logan's Run, or showing off at Scrabble?

Anonymous said...

cool thanks for this, my favorites are Jessica 5 and REM.


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