Friday, June 05, 2009

Marx Safari Adventure Catalog

In the 70s, parents groups had pretty much ruled out the concept of killing each other by stomping on war toys but it was still perfectly fine to shoot animals. Everybody was doing it, Big Jim, G.I. Joe, the Adventure People (OK they never had a gun) and this great series by Marx simply called Safari Adventure.

Safari Adventure was it's own little 7" universe of characters (such as "Buck Hunter"), animals and a terrific amount of vehicles and playsets. Not well known in collector's circles now, Safari Adventure is really worth a look:

1975 Marx Safari Adventure Catalog

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narvolicious said...

Whoa man. At first I thought I had that set when I saw the tiger, then I realized it was a Fisher-Price "safari" style set that I had instead, but also from the '70s (I totally loved Fisher-Price playsets). I think it came with a poseable tiger and gorilla, a couple of rangers and some white cages, and a vehicle or two. Marx rocks too.

chunky B said...

That Marx set looks sweet, I would love to stumble into a garage sale or flea market and see that sitting on a table.

Lushie Peach said...

Wow! I had "Kim the photographer" and the lion - it's jaws really moved! They're long-gone now, but I always wondered who made it - thanks for posting!!

REX said...

I don't remember much nicer than the Fisher-Price safari set I had!

GiGi said...

Yo I thought it was a Idi Ameen
playset I was like huh?


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