Monday, June 08, 2009

Rom Space Knight Trading Card

The Age of Rom has come!

Card #23 is Rom: Space Knight by Parker Brothers
Rom is such an iconic piece of 70s lore and I find it funny how many people tell me they never knew he was a toy! That's because while Parker Brothers did an admirable job of marketing the toy, Marvel did an even better job with Rom as a comic. That book lasted until I was in high school!
I was one of those kids who never saw ROM in toy stores, as this card shows, he was pretty pricey for 1979, that may have been why.

In the UK, they made ROM part of the action man line, which made a lot of sense.

Rom deserves a comeback, come on Hasbro and Marvel, get it together!


rob! said...

That little girl kissing Rom is...weird.

Arkonbey said...

Weird? Nah, cute!

narvolicious said...

awesome! Don't think I ever saw ROM on the shelves myself.

John III said...

I wanted a ROM as a kid, until someone brought one to my babysitters to play with. I wasn't real enamored with it after that. Also because it wasn't Star Wars merchandise, or size compatible with them, I didn't want one anymore.

Dancin' Homer said...

Loved this comic, but i remember disliking the other spaceknights . . . i'm remembering his girlfriend had a diamond-shaped head with a tuft of hair(?) on top. Looked ridiculous!

As for the toy, i only ever saw it advertised in the Marvel comics. And they advertised it A LOT.

Anonymous said...

Hasbro has registered trademarks/copyrights for ROM movies, toys, games, books etc.

It could well be that they've done this just to make sure they maintain control, but it is to be hoped that we may well see, at the very least, the comic books republished in TPB.

Todd Franklin said...

Great card! I've always wondered what happened to the ROM "mascot" costume?

JFStan said...

I loved ROM! Strangely enough, he's pictured next to the Alien in that ad, and that's the figure he battled the most at my house! Those were some epic fights, but ROM emerged triumphant every time. :)

Joey Deadcat said...

A cousin of mine had this when it first came out. I remember we couldn't get enough of playing with it!

And the comic wasn't bad, either!

And Rom vs. Aliens? Someone, pleeease make it happen!

Monsterforge said...

I only saw this one time in a local TG&Y store (does anyone remember that chain?)and I wanted it.. BAD. But it was too far from a birthday/Christmas/Easter... so no dice, chump!

I still want a ROM figure. GRRRRR!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking Rom was really cool. Currently reading the Rom comic and his noble quest, it's a fun read.

Toy or comic book character, just the idea of the Space Knight was always intriguing to me.

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