Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memorable Birthday Cakes

There is no better day for me to pay tribute to my talented and festive mother and some of the cooler pop culture cakes she produced for me over the years. My mom made cakes for every occasion growing up, Halloween, St Patrick's Day, last day of school but birthdays, those were the coolest. Above is 1975's selection the previously shown, blue coconut Grover.

Here is 1978 and it's Captain America's shield, if you look closely you can see a Fisher Price Gonzo figure, I'm not sure why I wanted that but I did.
I am sure I had at least one Star Wars themed cake but I cannot find any evidence of it.
Finally, we has this G.I. Joe RAH cake from 1982, this may have been the exact moment I realized I was too old for action figures. I felt uncomfortable with this cake, even though it was really, really cool and i wish I still had those figures!


Keith said...

Those are some really cool cakes. You were one lucky kid. I loved my mom and she could make good cakes. She just never decorated them up quite as good as that.

Arkonbey said...

Too old for action figures?

Isn't it funny. If, as an adult, you engaged in kid-like activities like playing paintball with your buddies (as I've often enjoyed doing), building scale models (as I wish I had time for), or riding your bike in the woods (which I do constantly) that would still be acceptable. But, if you play with your legos or adventure people outside, you'd get some very strange looks from you neighbors.

I still look at boulders and dirt hills and wish I could spend a couple of hours playing with some AVP or some GI Joes. I'm not wanting to relive my childhood, my adult life is pretty darn good, it's just that is was as fun.

I'll just have to stock up on AVP stuff for my niece, I suppose

(man, that turned into a post. Sorry, no way to make that smaller)

Plaidstallions said...

I came to my senses and my "too old for action figures" phase was only a couple of years.

rob! said...

how did you cut the cake made from Cap's shield?

Anonymous said...

Man, I love that Grover cake. I made one for myself a few years back based on my favorite anime character, Jigglypuff the naughty balloon. I don't have a picture of it, but it was pretty easy making a cake that resembled this cutie-

I also had one that was made for me of my favorite American cartoon character, Maggie Simpson. It even had a real pacifier. Not a red one, though. :(


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