Sunday, September 07, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: Diff'rent Strokes

fantastic four
Leave it to Sharry to provide us with what is perhaps the most culturally signifigant colouring book ever produced.

Based on the landmark sitcom of whose quality has never been surpassed, Diff'rent Strokes follows the gripping adventures of Willis and Arnold Jackson and their adopted family, the blandest people alive, the Drummonds.

The art in this book is competant but like a lot of these things, it's pretty obvious the artist is just copying promotional stills and lazily drawing in the rest. Here is the jaw dropping Oeuvre that is "Detective Arnold".

diffrent strokes

This book loses immediate points for the exclusion of Pearl, the third and IMO greatest of Drummond housekeepers. Please don't even try to debate the superiority of Adelaide with me, I've entered into hundreds of flame wars on the many Diff'rent Strokes message boards.

diffrent strokes

I'm going to sidestep any commentary on Dana Plato falling down the stairs.

fantastic four

Kimbery goes to ice her butt while Arnold and Willis appear to be laughing at her. Which is what your brothers would do in, trust me I'm a little brother myself.

fantastic four

After Kimberly's diamond bracelet goes missing, Arnold goes into detective mode complete with Sherlock Holmes hat and a handy pipe he found under his brother's bed ! (geez, I'm sorry about that) It's interesting that Coleman himself would later get into law enforcement in real life.

Ok, mall security isn't law enforcement, nor should have i put that fact under the umbrella of "interesting".

fantastic four

The Drummond compound is clearly a death trap.

fantastic four

So the thief is a plant? I don't follow.

fantastic four

Hooray! Little rich girl gets her diamonds back, I was so worried. The bodies look really weird and out of proportion here, try not to stare at it too long.

Bless you for this, Sharry.

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Anonymous said...

That was seriously hilarious! Who wrote these things!?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I ignored your advice and couldn't stop staring at that last panel. Did the artist just not care about his work, or was he on some type of acid trip? How freaky is it, let me count the ways (beside what you already mentioned about the disproportion):
1. Arnold is walking like an Egyptian
2. Willis is striking a Tony Manero pose
3. Bow-legged Mr Drummond is doing a reverse-Spock with his fingers
4. Kimberly scratching her wrist - why?
5. The handrail that disappears into Willis' armpit
6. The unexplained really long extension chord (or is it a TNT fuse?) snaking across the stark background.
7. Where is Willis' right hand?

It's truly aweful. And by that I mean it's awesome.

rob! said...

...the HELL???

Anonymous said...



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