Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Lincoln Monsters

Lincoln Monsters Frankenstein

I'm real jazzed to have some additions to the Lincoln Monsters section of the site, mostly because I never thought I would get more stuff from this tough to collect 8" line. Above is the Frankensten box, that's right, Frankensten, it seems Lincoln took their proofing as seriously as I do.

Lincoln Monsters Mummy

The Mummy box also has the same sort of fun design but thankfully with no typo, it'd be hard to take a "Mommy" doll seriously. Speaking of the Mummy, I've also finally gotten off my butt and had the sticker printed.

I already gave some away at the forum but I'll be giving a bunch more away in the very near future, look for an announcement on the weekend.


Anonymous said...

"That's FRONKensten"

Arkonbey said...

man. Those paintings are fabulous. I like how the Mummy's mouth appears painted on his bandages.

DH: Heh.

Anonymous said...

The art looks like the result of a high school art student having "free time".

I like Frankensten's neatly coiffed hair. He looks like Ward Cleaver's zombie.

And something I don't get about the Mummy: what's with the blood-soaked wrappings? Was he wrapped immediately after someone stabbed him or something? You'd think someone is dead for a little while before he's mummified, and any blood would have dried.

wurwolf said...

I like that too, arkonbey, and I also like how the mummy's eyes are apparently stickers that he picked up at his local AC Moore.


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