Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toilet Decisions Part Two

While I admit this powder blue number is the bomb and would go with the rug I plan to put in my bathroom, bachelor number two offers something no other toilet can.

The ability to never have to do a decent job of cleaning it.


Anonymous said...

Darn it - Now I want a brown & orange bathroom with a fern. People are soooo boring these days, with their white toilets!

Arkonbey said...

My friend bought a house with a brown toilet. It feels really weird.

I wonder if those toilets came stock with foam vinyl seats?

chunky B said...

I love that both those bathrooms have wall to wall carpet.

The brown toilet wins hands down as best toilet ever!

wurwolf said...

I agree, I would be thrilled to move into a house with a brown toilet. Particularly that one, as it looks like it may just have a metallic sheen to it. I could pretend I was sitting on a bronze bowl.

Re: carpet in bathrooms. My bathroom is carpeted and it makes me sick. The disgusting factor of having a carpeted bathroom is second only to a carpeted kitchen. Would that I could change it, but we rent and my landlord is picky about changing anything at all.

Anonymous said...

The brown crapper should be on the radar of all new truck stop and gas station men's rooms.

Only to be seconded by a yellow crapper.

Anonymous said...

arkonbey, as a kid my family had a white toilet, but for a couple years we had a foam vinyl seat, and it just so happened to be brown.

hated that seat.

Anonymous said...

A bronze plated metal toilet would actually be nice.

Jinxie Beaverhausen said...

Is it just me or does the brown toilet look like the chocolate dude on the Axe commercials?


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