Thursday, August 07, 2008

Glamourous and Tiny

Kenner Glamour Gals

Glamour Gals seemed to be Kenner trying to mix the popularity of the Star Wars format with the fashion doll. Even though I wasn't in the demographic, I recall these being heavily TV advertised during "Battle of the Planets" reruns. I'm not sure how well they did however, I seem to recall seeing a massive display of these next to the Mego Eagle Force figures at a "Bi-Way" close out store in the early eighties.


wurwolf said...

Glamorous and tiny?! That describes me!

I've been trying to decide if the gal sitting on the beach blanket is nude or is wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

the bathing suit is an orangy/flesh color. I had almost all of this stuff except for the Party Place and Beach Party. I even had the cruise ship that isn't pictured here. I was always having a Poseidon Adventure making everyone crash around. I even had a special Glamour Gal that was a mail order only offer- at least thats what my mom said.

Anonymous said...

I have quite a good collection of these! Some I had since I was a kid & someone where my Dad works was throwing out their kid's collection. The others I got maybe 3 years ago at Value Village. Bought a doll case & when I opened it at home, it was full of them!

Around 8 - 10 years ago, I found a whole bunch of old store stock Showcase display cases, mint in the box, at a warehouse sale (remember the warehouse at the old Knob Hills, Brian?). I bought only one at the time, because I was broke, but sometimes I wish I'd bought more!

Patricia McClain said...

Oh my god! The blonde doll in the bottom left picture (in a silver dress)? I had her!

Anonymous said...

Am looking to replace my daughters collection that I lost during a divorce. Would love for my grandaughter to have the same ship her mom enjoyed for so many is if anyone has a ship they will sell. Thanks


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