Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RIchly Masculine Corduroy Sportcoat

So Richly Masculine, it comes with a tiny Burt Reynolds and optional wingman.


Anonymous said...

That dude looks like he spent 5 days on the rack. Or, he's Plastic Man mid-stretch.

His knuckles must drag on the ground when he walks.

Arkonbey said...

From the Dr. Carl Sagan Collection. Red turtleneck sold separately.

I kid. Dr. Sagan was a wonder and is sorely missed. But he wore that outfit all through Cosmos like it was a superhero costume.

wurwolf said...

I think that's Norm MacDonald doing his Burt Reynolds impression.

rob! said...

where does one find a Butterscotch sportcoat?

Liquor Pig said...

Hudson's Bay!

I bought one of these on sale there last November. Maybe I should get a red turtleneck to go along with it. :)


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