Sunday, December 16, 2007

The top three worst female action figures of the 1970's

Technical difficulties prevent me from doing a forgotten TV segment today, so I bring you some truly useless knowledge and opinion in it's place:

Top three worst Female Action Figures of the 1970's

#3- Ilia (Star Trek the Motion Picture by Mego)

I want to preface by saying I like the Motion Picture and I think this figure is actually a nice sculpt. Ilia makes this list because she got a figure before Uhura, Sulu, Checkov or even Spock in his cool hippie duds at the start of the film.

Also, this figure was the worst seller in the line, I bought two at a major department store in 1987, on the shelf for 8 years, that's gotta be some sort of peg warmer record.

#2 First Version Wonder Woman (Comic Action Heroes by Mego)

Ever wondered what Alan Alda would look like as a hippie? Well now you know. I'm not sure what Mego had in mind with the figure on the right but that's a man, baby!

Somebody at DC must have been ticked because Mego quickly corrected the figure with the much cuter version on the left. Nobody seemed to notice that both figures have removable tops!

#1 Dr Russel (Mattel Space:1999)

The head is nicely sculpted but the combination of a tiny unpainted head, a mannish body with elongated arms make this a figure that creeps my kids out. Best to keep the helmet on folks.


Thanks for reading, I promise to keep the VH1 stuff to a minimum..


rob! said...

my god, i never released my Hawkeye figure did double-duty as wonder woman!

and the same figure hanging eight years on a peg? didnt that store have a supervisor?

Anonymous said...

HA! Very funny. Enjoyed that!

Have a nice Christmas.

(Do they celebrate Christmas in Canada?)

- Michael D

Plaidstallions said...

Last time I checked although the government most likely added a tax.

Swinebread said...

Wow those are Sucktacular!

kindertrauma said...

I just have to add... Princess Ardella of Buck Rogers
she has man face as well !

Scott KC said...

Oh I remember Ilia hanging on at Toys R US throughout the entire Reagan Administration! Kept wondering..."Why is she still here?" Even the Star Wars figures were gone by then! The Star Trek 2009 toys have been stinking up Toys R Us for years now too.


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