Sunday, December 23, 2007

Superheroes or Monsters?

Technical issues still prevent Forgotten TV from happening today (It will return next Sunday) so I thought I'd show a page from something I'm working on, the 1980 Ben Cooper halloween costume catalog. While Hulk and Red Skull work as masks, the Batman and Spider-Man are somewhat creepy thanks to the materials used. How old is Batman supposed to be, it looks like an octogenarian under that cowl!

More of this in the very near future.


tjo' said...

Yeah, Batman just looks like an alcoholic on a 30 year binge, and it looks like it's Jack Black under that mask and not Tobey McGuire.

The Red Skull and Hulk probably look uglier and weirder than normal, but for them, that's a good thing!

Adam Gott said...

Yikes! That Batman mask is scary - looks my grandmother wearing a Batman hoodie!

Swinebread said...

gosh that's creepy

rob! said...

those are deeply disturbing.

JFStan said...

These look like masks that Leatherface would have made from their actual faces.

And isn't that Red Skull mask just a generic "scary" mask they slapped the name on? Why have that one and not Capt. America? Hmm..


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