Friday, December 28, 2007

Retro Playgrounds Part 1 : Space Themes

Our final catalog of the year is kind of fitting as it's a retro look into the future. This is the first in our series of retro playground equipment, when galvanised pipe and concrete could be made to form rockets, giants bugs or tee pees. Click here to check out Space Themed Play Grounds.


JFStan said...

Holy crap!! I would have killed for an Enterprise-shaped playground like that when I was a kid!! Who am I kidding, I would still want one!!

Anonymous said...

The introductory pic of the playground with the spider and caterpillar...we had almost that same exact playground in kindegarten.

Anonymous said...

I played on the huge rocket playground slide and the little jungle gym rocket too. And yes, I would have went bonkers for the Star Trek playground!

John Hildman


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