Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Start Peddling Boy Wonder!

empire toys bat cycle
Another vintage toy industry ad, this time for the Empire Toys Bat Cycle. Think it has enough bats on it?
For more check out the 1979 Empire Toys Catalog.


rob! said...

minus the names of course, wouldnt that dialogue be more appropriate switched?

Anonymous said...

Wow... that's an oddly cool looking Batcycle. Too bad it's probably as uncomfortable as a toy can be.

Anonymous said...

Just found this pic. I had this. My folks bought it for me in New Jersey when we were visiting from Toronto. It had a clicker on the tires that made a racket. My dad took them off cause I was riding it up and dwn the hall of the hotel we werebstaying at.

I loved it.


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