Sunday, December 09, 2007

Forgotten TV: Monster Squad

Monster Squad was a 1976 NBC saturday morning series that married the classic monsters with the 60's Batman series ( Stanley Ralph Ross who developed Monster Squad wrote 17 episodes of Batman).

In a nutshell, Museum night watchman Walter (a pre Love Boat Fred Grandy) is an aspiring criminologist, his crime computer brings to life the figures of Dracula (Henry Polic 2), Frank N Stein ( Mike Lane) and Bruce W Wolf (Buck Kartalian) who decide to be crime fighters.

Below is an episode in 3 parts, this originally aired on December 4 1976.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Despite it being a very memorable series, Monster Squad only aired for one year. Ideal Toys also cancelled their line of Monster Squad action figures, double whammy....


tjo' said...

Wow! I have never seen "Monster Squad" before but it is such a montage of 70s jokes, music, writing, etc that i feel like i've watched it before.

Robotkid said...


First "Cliffhangers" this?

I've been trying to track down this memory for a while...thanks for posting!


GW said...

The am so sick of YouTube pulling stuff before I get a chance to see it! :-(

gloria said...

Dear Plaid,
Just watched Part 1, The Monster Squad. So that's how global warming got started. Someone better break it to the Al Gore.

Love your blog. My kids are all products of the 70s. I was producing then so it kind of follows that they would be. I will forward your blog to them and they will once again be amazed by the coolness of their old mom, a product of the 50s, when my mom was producing, so it follows that...well, you get my drift.

Your blog puts me in mind of James Lilek and his fabulous takes on vintage advertising. Check him out at I think that's the address, if not just google James Lileks.

And if you're so inclined you may read my column at

Your blog in going in my favorites today.


GW said... is wonderful -- Gloria, thank you for reminding me of that gem! I'd forgotten about it.

Ooh, I see the videos are back up. For now! LOL

Lance said...

Monster Squad was great, especially for those of us who loved the monsters. But my eagle eye(tm) spots a toy I'd kill for, the Kids From C.A.P.E.R. figures and Big Baloney.

Anonymous said...

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