Monday, June 11, 2007

Barbie Plane Wouldn't Fly Today

more coffee master

How far we've come in my lifetime, here we have the Barbie's "Friend Ship" play set. What's Barbie's role on her plane? Stewardess. Something tells me that Ken would be serving the coffee if this play set were released now.

Mattel recycled this into a Killer play set for Big Jim, I believe Big Josh was the flight attendant on that one.


Heather said...

I owned it! I LOVED it!

GW said...

I'd completely forgotten about the Barbie plane! I didn't own it, but wanted one. I found your blog today by searching Google images for monster in the closet...It brought up your monster page. I love your blog!

mk202 said...

Me and Sis had it...and Loved it. I was actually so fond of the smell of the 'DC Friendship' that it took me years to stop expecting real planes to smell of pungent vinyl fumes upon boarding them.


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