Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All About Donkey Kong

Like a lot of kids, I was arcade obsessed in 1982, I even recall buying magazines about Donkey Kong. The kid who got Colecovision could guarentee popularity for much of 1983 (this expired by '84)

Those table top arcade games by Coleco that inspired hours of drooling for me. I remember really liking the commercials featuring "Video Man", who would use his powers to shrink the arcade games to table top size.

videoman from colecovision

The years have not been kind to Video Man, with his supercuts hairstyle and silver members only jacket he looks kind of like a dorky uncle you avoid at family reunions. Again, the memory cheats...


rob! said...

i had the Star Wars one, which i played endlessly.


Jon Hunt said...

I had tabletop Donkey Kong, man, and it was fun. YOu were right to envy!

Hey -- watch out for the forthcoming documentary "King of Kong." Trust me. It's about the Donkey Kong world record, and the astonishing power struggle to best that record. Its pure genius.


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