Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Osmond Confession

mattel osmond dolls

I admit it, I had a Donny Osmond doll. Even worse was that I chose him during the annual family March break shopping trip to the Scarborough Town Center, passing over the Mego Human Torch doll i had coveted for so long.

All of this was done to impress my older sister who remarked how cool the Osmond toys were. The reality kicked in during the ride home when I realised I was now the proud owner of a Donny Osmond doll. I'd like to go back in time and stop myself.

It got worse when one of my friends found it in my room....


Anonymous said...

Don't be too ashamed Brian. Now if you had Marie, you might want to seek counseling. :-)

My sister had these. I remember liking them from afar. There was something...super hero-like about them. Maybe it was the purple wardrobe. Could it have anything to do with the Wonder Twins?


Anonymous said...
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Jon Hunt said...

"Real boys toys?" If I had an eye-roll avatar handy, I'd post it right now. Gee, I'm gettin' all nostalgic for a buncha notched sticks.

PlaidStallions, I'm with ya re: Donny, I'm afraid. I was Donny for halloween one year. I have a picture of it, even. Yikes.

That said: You should track down a copy of "Crazy Horses," that album's heavier than you think and holds up better than you'd expect.

Anonymous said...
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Bubbashelby said...

Growing up in Utah was rough for a few reasons, not the least of which being the yearly Elementary School screenings of "Goin' Coconuts."

Surprisingly, I still like coconuts. Not terribly fond of the Osmonds however.


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