Friday, June 01, 2007

A Tribute to Rack Toys

A new and hopefully growing featuring to Plaidstallions will be the world of rack toys, which features the memorable lower priced toys from companies such as AHI, Fleetwood and Empire. If you've got something I don't have please drop me a line, I'd love to add it. Click the pics to visit.

uh, why does Superman need a parachute?


chunky B said...

Now you're talking, That Batman Paracutist and I got in so much trouble as a kid!

chunky B said...

... I totally had that battery operated Space 1999 Stun Gun too! Good times, good times...

Anonymous said...

The parachute guys and the Batman/Spidey copters are among my most favorite toys from my early childhood. Seeing those packages again takes me back!


Jon Hunt said...

I totally had the parachute Spidey and the Space:1999 battery-operated stun gun, too! Plus at least one phaser iteration that shot some kind of discs.

But dude, how the hell did I miss those AWESOME Martian Chronicles figures??????


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