Monday, August 24, 2020

Matchbox Mobile Action Command Find

Like a lot of you,  my summer plans kinda fell apart in 2020, so I've been doing small day trips with my wife hitting some familiar antique and flea haunts. It's been slim pickings but it's still fun to get back to scrounging in a limited fashion.

The best find I've had all summer is this beautiful carded Matchbox Mobile Action Command (M.A.C for short) vehicle complete on Canadian card (which if you watch Toy-Ventures, you know is a fetish of mine).

M.A.C is one of those toylines I only purchase "in the wild", I refuse to look on eBay, it's just more fun and appreciated like this. This was tucked in behind something, it was almost impossible to see, I almost felt like it was waiting for me.

Here's to small victories!

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