Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ready Ranger Mobile Field Pack


Over the years I've had a lot of people tell the Aurora Ready Ranger Mobile Field Pack lived up to the hype and was a really fun toy. 

Did you have it as a kid, what was your experience with it?

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Still a Kid said...

I spent hours with mine. The unit pictured here must be a newer version, though. I don't remember the straps or buckle to secure it to your body. The Field Pack was a great accessory to the Star Corp helmet and equipment.

NX01JB said...

As I recall different Christmas catalogs had different versions of the set. Mine was the basic backpack with its built in equipment. I played with it til it was falling apart. My biggest gripe was it came with several membership cards for you and your team. You sent in the registration card and were supposed to get newsletters and other info from HQ but never received anything. Needless to say it was my holy grail present for Christmas 1973! My mom has a pic of me wearing it Christmas morning.

Ned H said...

Mine did have straps. And, therein kind of lied a problem: because the pack was made of hard plastic, I kind of always found it a tad ungainly to wear, particularly if any jumping or running was involved. Which, was nearly always. And, frankly, there was stuff on it that I never totally understood. It SEEMED like a practical, functioning kit, but it was more of a pretend functional kit. It's like it was made for an action figure but was life-sized. I really liked the periscope thing -- that got some use. The flashlight, too.


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