Thursday, September 12, 2019


Plush Star Trek characters were not a hit for KnickerBocker toys in 1980 despite them having some pretty fantastic head sculpts.

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Anonymous said...

Near as this Anon can tell, the original '77-78 Star Wars plushies weren't any popular.

The kids who wanted soft and cuddly went for teddies like the generations before them.

When Lucas tried to shrewdly capitalize on that with the Ewoks back in '83, fate itself undercut his plans with the insane popularity of the Cabbage Patch dolls.

I can still vividly remember walking past shelf after shelf of Ewok plushies at the local (and now long defunct) Child World. Few things are as poignant as an unwanted stuffed animal and even as a child the sheer scale of their unwanted-ness struck me. The same toy-store had a bill-board announcement for the next planned shipment of Cabbage Patch, along with stern warnings a local police officer would be on duty, pushing, shoving, and profanity would not be tolerated. Limit One Per Customer No Rain Checks.

Seventiesfan said...

I have the Star Trek Knickerbocker figures, as well as the Superheroes, but not their wonderful boxes with that beautiful super hero artwork.

I have some Cabbage Patch memories of my own, standing in a LONG line at Zayre, and spending the time looking at a very nice vertical record changer turntable. Remember those?
Well, my sister and my brother's girlfriend (both past Cabbage Patch age) got their Cabbage Patch dolls, but had to settle for boys because all the girl dolls were sold. Lots of naughty people skipping in line.


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