Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Star Wars Pillows

There is some sort of warm feeling that passes over me whenever i see early Star Wars merchandise like this, I find that funny considering how i can't leave the house anymore without seeing that logo. 

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Anonymous said...

Had a sheet set with that design!

Anonymous said...

Me too. At least i am pretty sure it was that one.

Anonymous said...

This Anon corroborates the memories of his Anon colleagues. Uncertain Anon need not worry. Yes, you are pretty sure it was that one because it WAS. This Anon STIL has them, in fact. Pillow case, fitted, and top sheet.

In fact, there were at least two different patterns of original Star Wars bedding, both of which have been chronicled here on Plaid Stallions.

There were also curtains, comforters, and even a white terry bath/ beach towel which wasn't -exactly- part of the line but fit in nicely enough all the same.

Hopefully our host won't mind me posting photos from his site, ON his site, since they're both watermarked and credit is clearly given where it's due. :D



The second set are the ones this Anon owns and it isn't anyone's imagination... "2Xlob" really does sound like a Star Wars droid model.


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